Why You Shouldn't Buy an LED Screen...

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You might immediately think, " why is an LED Video Wall company suggesting that I shouldn't purchase an LED Screen..." and this is for good reason.
As I've spent the past 10 years in the production world and the last 5 specifically working with churches and stage design, there is a new trend of LED screens popping up all over the country, from the megachurches in cities, down to your local small town church and everything in between.

There is a truth that this is an industry that's taking off and with that there has been opportunities for companies as numerous as the screens themselves popping up everywhere.  This brings me to my first three points as I am not one for fluff. 
Many of these companies:

  • don't actually manufacture the product (although most will certainly with fervor tell you they are). They resell a product that is white labeled and passed off as something made here in the USA. 
  • don't have a full understanding of the technology as most consumers are not familiar with the product, it's advantages, limitations and compliance issues.
  • sell end users a product with inflated pricing and inferior qualities

Some of the most well known companies in the industry who have sold to many large clients still don't fully grasp the implications of issues such as panels that aren't UL Listed, FCC Compliant and tested for Radio Frequency issues that could affect other equipment in the vicinity.  On the same note, refresh rates can really play into future issues with video recording equipment that were unforeseen because your sales person never bothered to ask. 

Other issues can include:

  • cheaply made panels using copper leads instead of gold. (sure LED's can last 10 years but what about the components that connect everything together)
  • poor refresh rates that look terrible when filmed or put on camera/live stream
  • cheap processing units that don't give you flexibility with High Definition or 4K compatibility for future expansion.
  • service before, during, and after warranty (if these companies who white label product go under, who is going to fix your screen if you don't know the manufacturer?)

I haven't even begun to get into sizes, pixel pitch, aesthetics or what needs today and tomorrow your venue or church might need. 

A wise man once told me you can have Cheap, Fast and Good, but never all three at once.  Sacrificing quality is never an option with a purchase of this size.  This is an investment that should last minimum the next 6-8 years, that will continue to grow with your vision and mission.

This isn't to scare you as a consumer as there are great companies out there with tons of integrity, but make sure you are well informed of compliance issues and what are indicators of LED panels built with quality for longevity that grow with your business, church or venue. 

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