• What makes Trinity LED different?

    Numerous companies suggest that their products are their own which is not the case. Let's be clear, unless a company can take you into their factory, they are not the producer or manufacturer of their own LED products. With that being said, we’ve chosen to be transparent by brokering actual manufactures’ products. This allows us to be competitive with both our quality and pricing, and again being honest with our customers.

  • What types of applications can these be used for?

    Anything you can imagine! If you need to display a digital image this can be adapted to your needs and project. From convention centers, stadiums, churches, restaurants and signage, nothing is too big or small.

  • Do you offer financing options?

    Absolutely! We have 3rd party financing firms we work with to get you the best rates available. With 36 and 60 month financing, we can finance any size project. This isn’t exclusive to just LED panels, we will finance trussing, rigging, computers, install, whatever it takes to complete your vision! Click here to learn more.